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        FD-2/FD-2A/FD-2D Headlight Tester

        FD-2/FD-2A/FD-2D Headlight Tester
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        Motor Vehicle Testing Instruments
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        FD-2/FD-2A/FD-2D Headlight Tester

        Main Features:

        It is used for testing the luminous intensity and the illuminating position (or the optical axis deviation) of headlight of high/low beam by hand-operated measurement ;The advanced configuration optical system is used, and the characteristic of light distribution for headlight under test can be shown in the screen;It is easy to be observed and adjusted. Both the high beam and the low beam can be tested;The measured result can be output via the digital/analogue signal.

        Model FD-2 FD-2A FD-2D
        Horizontal movement Rail Roller Rail
        Vertical movement Hand-operated Hand-operated Power operation
        Rail Length 4.5m or 3m None 4.5m or 3m
        Main Specifications:
        Measuring range Luminous inlensity (0~40,000)cd
        The optical axis deviation amount of light/low beam up1°30′~down2°30′
        Lamp hight (50~130)cm
        Indication error Luminous intensity ±10%
        Deviation error from the optical axis of high beam ±12′
        Deviation error from the optical axis of low beam ±12′
        Measuring distance 1 m
        Power DC 6V(1.5V×4)
        Dimensions(L×W×H) 1250mm×710mm×550mm
        Weight Tester:60kg Rail:50kg