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        OCMA-220 Oil Content Analyzer

        OCMA-220 Oil Content Analyzer
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        Industrial Liquid Analytical Instruments
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        OCMA-220 Oil Content Analyzer

        Main Features:
        1. Quick in measurement, Easy to operate.
        2. Small in size and easy to carry.
        3. Self-contained instrument.
        4. Over range alarm display.
        5. Less sample and solvent volumes.
        Main Specifications:
        Measuring range (0~5)×10-6g/L、(0~20)×10-6g/L (dual range)
        (0~50)×10-6g/L、(0~200)×10-6g/L (dual range)
        Measuring objects Organic hydrocarbon(common saying:oil)
        Data display 3-digit liquid crystal display
        Repeatability 2%(F.S)
        Stability 2%/30min
        Indication error ±2%(F.S)
        Extraction By built-in extractor
        Solvent CCl4、F-113
        Sample volume Each time (5~20)ml
        Output DC(0~100)mV
        Dimension(W×H×L) 220mm×375mm×362mm
        Weight 10kg