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        FCDM-100(216mm) Chassis Dynamometer

        FCDM-100(216mm) Chassis Dynamometer
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        Motor Vehicle Testing Benches
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        FCDM-100(216mm) Chassis Dynamometer

        The testing of dynamic performance and the emission testing of steady-state(ASM),Simple transient(VMAS) and loading/decelerating Lugdown need to use chassis dynamometer.

        Main Features:
        1. It adopts the imported PAU(Power Absorber Unit) with KLAM cooler from Spain,This PAU has a large absorption power and its heat-failing is less than that of the home-made,The response time of the PAU is hort so that it can be more accurately to simulate the power of the vehicle under test.
        2. A spinning coder of 1200PPR is used to measure speed of the vehicle under test so that the vehicle speed can accurately be measured;The load-cell from the Zhonghang Electro-Test Company is adopted to measure the brake force,This type of load-cell responds promptly,and its linearity and repeatability error is less,so that the brake force can accurately be measured.
        3. An ARM micro computer of high frequency is adopted to collect the speed and the brake force data and to control the PWM of the brake force,so that the reponse time of the brake force change shorten,thus ensuring the accurate control of the loading.
        4. The bench and the roller are welded with high quality steel,so that the entire constrauction is firm and durable;A high quality and durable air bag is used as the dynamics for the lifter,so that a guarantee is provided to the testing of the vehicle with large axle-load.
        5. The control part of IC boards are integrated inside the chassis dynamometer.so it is mon convenient to install and maintain.
        6. It can also be used to test the speed.
        Main Specifications:
        Model FCDM-100(216mm)
        Rated axle-carry weight 3t
        Roller diameter 216mm
        Roller length 1150mm
        Max testing speed 130km/h
        Max absorption power 250kw
        Reference inertia (907.2±18.1)kg
        Dimensions(L×W×H) 4698mm×984mm×962mm