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        BQ Series Standard Gas Mixture

        BQ Series Standard Gas Mixture
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        Metrology Standard Substance
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        BQ Series Standard Gas Mixture

        The gas-preparing station of FOSHAN ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENT Co., Ltd. is the country’s earliest established work unit in the manufacture of standard gas which enjoys an excellent reputation in the country.

        Over the past 30 years after its establishment it has successively worked our the preparation methods of world standards for standard gas, including weighing, differential pressure and static volume methods. It has various testing and analyzing equipment, such as the weighing balance, the gas chromatograph, the NDIR gas analyzer and the environmental monitor etc. so that the accuracy of standard gas is guaranteed. It has been awarded with permits granted by the state technical supervision bureau for the manufacture of a variety of high quality standard gas mixtures. It can provide even, stable and correct BQ series standard mixed and pure gases for environmental monitoring, petroleum and chemical industries, chemical fertilizers, mining and metallurgical industries, medicine and medical industries, medicine and medical care, power, space technology, national defense scientific research, gas tools, welding, light source, laser, geological prospecting etc. they are extensively used for calibrating a variety of automotive emission analyzers, medical devices, gas tools, mineral well detector, industrial process testers and the like. And we can also provide customers with multiple pure gas, high pure gas and consulting Service in analysis technology and equipment of many gases.

        We introduce and adopt the advanced gas-preparing and analyzing technology at home and abroad, and also utilize the international standard methods, such as the dynamic generating method, the partial pressure method, the volume method, the normal pressure method with microprocessor technique and the automatic control technique etc. besides the weighing method, to prepare gas mixture of any components concentration which can meet your requirements. The standard gas mixtures produced by our company are the national-level standard materials approved by the State Technical Supervision Bureau. Their codes respectively are:GBW(E)080205,GBW(E)080206,GBW(E)080207.GBW(E)080326,GBW(E)080327 and GBW(E)080328.In addition, we can prepare various kinds of standard gases of any products and concentrations in accordance with your requirements.